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Shifting perspectives: from macrophyte collapses (tipping element) to global environmental change mitigation agents

Project description

How macrophytes can mitigate the impact of climate change

Human action alters global environmental conditions at unprecedented rates, including ocean acidification and warming. Marine macrophytes contribute to climate regulation but information concerning their capacity to mitigate environmental change is still limited. The EU-funded SHIFT2SOLVE project addresses this knowledge gap by quantifying macrophytes' capacity to buffer environmental change in the present and in the future. The project forecasts the resilience of macrophytes as a tipping element by studying species acclimatisation to future environmental conditions. Additionally, drones and machine learning will be used to identify ecosystem contractions. This interdisciplinary project mixes surveys along natural gradients of temperature and ocean acidification (CO2 vents), manipulative experiments, genetic analyses and mathematical modelling to understand and preserve the resilience of the Earth System.


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