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Shining an energy-efficient light in Croatia

The public lighting system in Croatia will soon be energy efficient thanks to the EU-funded SMART EPC project. Specifically, the project will develop smart concepts for the modernisation of public lighting in European cities to facilitate the smart and sustainable transition of local public authorities. By bringing together public and private sectors, SMART EPC will spearhead infrastructure refurbishment of old and inefficient streetlights. Among its first tasks will be the development of an advanced Smart EPC concept and standardised documentation for integration of energy and non-energy services in energy performance contracting. The idea is to propose and promote ways to use cost savings from reduced energy consumption to cover the cost of installing energy-efficient streetlights.


The main objective of Smart EPC project is to enable the transition of local public authorities towards smart sustainable cities of the future by utilizing existing energy efficiency services as a key for unlocking the potentials of new, emerging technologies and services. By creating advanced and smart concepts for modernization of public lighting in European cities, Smart EPC project will enable large-scale energy efficiency programs while strengthening know-how of regional/national key stakeholders.

Smart EPC project aims to integrate several key directions of the European Green Deal and Next Generation EU instrument to draw in and engage industry in providing quality public service. Use of EPC model will help in bringing together stakeholders from public and private sector to collaborate on public projects, bringing in value for money and subsequently improving the quality of life. Refurbishment of old and inefficient street lighting units will lead to reducing energy and maintenance costs, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing emissions and light pollution. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, integration of IoT technology and Smart City components with the infrastructure refurbishment can pave the way for a wide range of energy and non-energy services and applications, including public safety, traffic management, smart parking, environmental monitoring, and extended Wi-Fi and next generation of cellular communications (e.g. 5G).
To meet its ambitious goals, the project has three specific objectives:
-to develop an advanced Smart EPC concept and standardised documentation for integration of energy and non-energy services in Energy Performance Contracting;
-to demonstrate replication potential of Smart EPC concept and documentation by piloting reconstruction of public lighting;
-to initiate capacity building, replication and strong facilitation service of Smart EPC concept and standardized documentation for triggering ESCO market on EU level.

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