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Sustainable EnErgy Skills in construction: Visible, Validated, Valuable

Project description

Building sustainability of construction

The built environment – our homes, places of work, schools, hospitals, recreation centres and public buildings – is the single largest energy consumer in the EU. It is also one of the largest carbon dioxide emitters. Collectively, buildings in the EU are responsible for 40 % of our energy consumption and 36 % of greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, the EU-funded SEEtheSkills project will collect best practices from five countries (North Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and the Netherlands) in meeting needs for energy efficiency in the building sector. Specifically, the project will promote the visibility of sustainable energy skills in the construction of new and renovation of existing buildings stocks by creating an online repository. It will also enable the validation of energy skills to raise their value.


This project proposal stands in front of the challenge for energy efficient construction of new and renovation of existing building stocks and to act at market level in order to stimulate the demand for previously developed and new or upgraded energy skills. It is based on the idea to build upon the good foundations of previous BUS experiences in five countries: North Macedonia, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Netherlands. Precedent actions in each of countries put mark and become recognized by innovation and bravery to meet the challenges in introduction of new approaches in meeting needs for energy efficiency in building sector, each of them notably is successful on national level. SEEtheSkills will gather best practices from each of the projects upon whose lessons learnt is built-on, in order to level up the achievements far above only national levels (mainly on the stage where they are now) on higher and, which is more important, wider interregional level. In order to facilitate broader visibility and accessibility of energy skills and to enable their mutual recognition across partner countries, through their cross validation based on learning outcomes, the project will act through novel 3V approach to tackle direct stimulation of demand of energy skills in construction. The 3V approach refers to: VISIBILITY of skills by creation of on-line repository i.e. Integrated SEEtheSkills area to make the skills visible, accessible and available on interregional level, between project partners and beyond; then enabling interregional cross VALIDATION of energy skills by making them comparable within SEEtheSkills area for management of knowledge&skills and through transferring and replication of training schemes between project partners; which as a final result will raise the VALUE of the skills and tackle their market demand, initiated by expressing the benefits of using energy skills in achieving sustainability of construction.

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