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Sustainable EnErgy Skills in construction: Visible, Validated, Valuable


"Transferring methodology for RPL ""How to use previous learning in upskilling"""

Document describes the procedure for validation of informal and nonformal learning as legal path for certification of skilled workers is enabling taking into account knowledge and skills that workers usually obtain at workplace and during life It supports lifelong learning process and acknowledges its achievements As pioneer work methodology for the process of recognition of previous learning was developed and piloted by UKIM in previous BUS pillars achieving a huge success and acceptance by workers and companies Here this process will be adjusted in order to be generalised for use for different training schemes with a goal to cover all training schemes listed in BUS Advisor database

Report from on-line survey on awareness on energy skills

In order to obtain relevant data on the current level of awareness on energy skills online survey involving at least 800 participants will be conducted in partner countries First of all groups of target respondents will be identified and then the questionaries will be composed The content of the questionnaire will be the same in each country translated on national language The online survey will be conducted via project web site The results from the survey will be included in the general Report from online survey on awareness on energy skills D51

The Report on upgrading BUS Advisor

For each training course relevant data will be stored like duration of course training content training material described approach in training delivery etc that are necessary to ease replication of training schemes which is one of the expected results of the project The main result will be The Report on implementing BUS Advisor D32

E-learning platform within SEEtheSkills area

The Elearning platform D36 will be enabled as online solution linked to the Integrated repository of energy skills as one of the paths for obtaining qualification and will evolve during the project

Web site

A design concept and specification as a basis for development of project website D73

Communication tools

Communication tools D74 will include project brochures and leaflets notes pencils with project logo project banner Promotion brochures and leaflets for Integrated repository and elearning platform Organisational material for different events agendas working material notes for discussion etc The document will define the design of project logo and visual benchmark and project promotional publications project brochures leaflets and banner


Sustainable Energy Skills in the Construction Sector 2.0

Author(s): Maktabifard, M., McCormack, P., Jammet, M., Jakob, U., Lucas, J., Stojanovska-Georgievska, L.;, O’Reilly, P., Petri, I., Wagenhofer, G., Raetchi, S., Karasek, J.
Published in: Environ. Sci. Proc. 2021, Issue volume 11, issue 1, 2021, Page(s) 20
Publisher: MDPI
DOI: 10.3390/environsciproc2021011020

From insight into energy transition maturity to powerful task-based cross-sectoral upskilling

Author(s): Cromwijk , J. ., Poort , C. ., Cerovšek , T. ., Moro, A. ., & Breen, M.
Published in: Proceedings of 2022: CLIMA 2022 The 14th REHVA HVAC World Congress, 2022, Page(s) 180, ISBN 978-94-6366-564-3
Publisher: TU Delft OPEN
DOI: 10.34641/clima.2022.180

A Brief Report on the Actions towards the Introduction of BIM in the Macedonian Construction Sector

Author(s): Stojanovska-Georgievska, L., Sandeva, I., Krleski, A., Spasevska, H., Ginovska, M., Panchevski, I., Ivanov, R., Arnal, I.P., Cerovsek, T., Funtik, T.
Published in: Environ. Sci. Proc. 2021, Issue Volume 11, Issue 1, 2021, Page(s) 8, ISSN 2673-4931
Publisher: MDPI
DOI: 10.3390/environsciproc2021011008

Digitálne nástroje pre udržate¾nú a energeticky efektívnu výstavbu - projekt SEEtheSkills

Author(s): FUNTÍK, Tomáš
Published in: Energetický manažment 2022, 2022, Page(s) 141-147, ISBN 978-80-89878-90-1
Publisher: Asociácia energetických inžinierov

BIM in the Center of Digital Transformation of the Construction Sector—The Status of BIM Adoption in North Macedonia

Author(s): Lihnida Stojanovska-Georgievska, Ivana Sandeva, Aleksandar Krleski, Hristina Spasevska, Margarita Ginovska, Igor Panchevski, Risto Ivanov, Ignasi Perez Arnal, Tomo Cerovsek, Tomas Funtik
Published in: Buildings, Issue 20755309, 2022, Page(s) 218, ISSN 2075-5309
Publisher: MDPI
DOI: 10.3390/buildings12020218

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