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Smart energy services to solve the SPlit INcentive problem in the commercial rented sector

Project description

Building intelligent energy in commercial buildings

Split incentives present a key challenge to the deployment of energy efficiency measures in buildings. This is because those who pay the energy bills are different from those who make investment decisions. With a focus on commercial buildings, the EU-funded SmartSPIN project will develop a new business model to improve their energy efficiency and flexibility. More specifically, the model will result in a greater uptake of smart energy services deployed via performance-based contracting in the sector. A SmartSPIN business model toolkit consisting of resources for stakeholders will also be created.


SmartSPIN will develop, test, validate and exploit a new business model that leads to greater uptake of Smart Energy Services (SES) deployed via performance-based contracting in the commercial rented sector. This sector has huge untapped potential for energy efficiency and flexibility but the split incentive problem has so far prevented the use of performance-based approaches to realise these savings. SmartSPIN removes this barrier through an Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service (EEaaS) concept that couples the contractual agreements between tenants, building owners and energy efficiency providers with technologies for energy monitoring, management and measurement and verification (M&V), increasing transparency, credibility and persistence of savings. SmartSPIN brings together a consortium of leading experts from the whole value chain to develop the SmartSPIN business model toolkit: a set of tools and resources for stakeholders on both the supply side (energy service companies, M&V specialists, etc.) and the demand side (tenants, building owners etc.) of the value chain. Technical resources include data-based M&V tools for accurate baseline estimation and predictive algorithms for building operation and control available via an Application Programming Interface to use with any energy data visualisation platform. Non-technical resources include best practice guides for stakeholders looking to deploy the SmartSPIN business model, contractual templates for EEaaS, case studies and infographics to describe the key features to a non-technical audience. SmartSPIN will validate the toolkit through extensive stakeholder engagement and by demonstrating its effectiveness in the commercial rented sector in 3 pilot regions (Spain, Greece and Ireland). To maximise impact, SmartSPIN will train 350 stakeholders on the business model’s key features through a series of pan-European exploitation workshops and webinars who will become early adopters beyond the end of the project.

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