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Next-Level PDA Methodology to Enhance Public and Private Sustainable Energy Projects

Project description

Assistance to energy-related projects in Portugal

Breakthrough and innovative solutions for energy efficiency and green technologies are necessary to reduce our vulnerability to the harmful effects of climate change. In this context, the EU-funded BundleUP NEXT project will build on the previous success of the BundleUP project, based on grouping small ‘investor-ready’ enterprises in bundles. This methodology resulted in significant investments for energy efficiency projects in Portugal. The current project will create a network that will allow for better assistance to almost all energy-related projects in the country. In addition, it is expected to boost public and private sustainable energy projects and increase investments in sustainable energy by up to EUR 50 million.


The BundleUp NEXT project builds on the successful experience of BundleUP (Ponto Energia), a PDA project funded by Horizon 2020, which has developed a very effective methodology that resulted in over 32M€ of investment in energy efficiency (EE) projects (32€ for every 1€ of grant) in Portugal.
The BundleUP methodology incorporates energy efficiency projects in different stages of development and proceeds to technical, legal and financial development assistance to bring them to the “investor-ready” (or “tender-ready” in case of public sector) stage.
The methodology also focuses on grouping small projects in bundles, in order to provide procurement advantages and more attractiveness for investors and building owners.
Due to the success of its predecessor and the strength of the consortium partners, BundleUP NEXT has received more than 60 letters of support and the formal endorsement of the Portuguese Deputy Minister for Energy and the national Directorate-General for Energy and Geology
BundleUP NEXT will focus on the following project types: LED and public lighting, PV self-consumption, solar thermal, building envelope and electric mobility, creating a complete array of competences to support projects in any part of Portugal.
The project is promoted by a concise and powerful consortium composed by PARITY, experts in sustainable energy investment and coordinators of the previous BundleUP project, ADENE, the national energy agency of Portugal with extensive experience in PDA and close ties to the public central administration, RNAE, the national network of local energy and environment agencies, establishing the projects connection to local administration all across the country and SRS, a law firm that was also part of the BundleUP project with extensive experience in the public and energy sectors.
The project is expected to leverage up to 50M€ of investment, overcoming its predecessor’s success (around 1:50 leverage factor on the requested grant).

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