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Open Researchers 2021

Project description

Science for neutral climate future in Andalusia

The European Researchers’ Night events in Andalusia celebrate their 10th edition. The EU-funded OPENRESEARCHERS2021 project will increase public awareness of research and its achievements for society and support the implementation of the European Green Deal. Specifically, the project will focus on the EU aims to be climate neutral by 2050 and enhance public understanding of research to spark interest in science among young people. The European dimension will also be highlighted by the active involvement of researchers with European funds and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions fellows in the EU Corners and the pre-events. Among the project’s biggest strengths are the numerous activities slated to take place on streets, theatres and historical buildings in eight Andalusian cities.


"Open Researchers 2021 is the 10th Andalusian experience in the European Researchers' Night. The project is designed to increase the awareness of research as a solution to the numerous challenges faced by citizens all around the world, as well as pursuing the EU Green Deal to meeting the SDGs. ""A green science with and for citizenship: Facing the challenge of creating a neutral climate future in Europe"" is the main idea of the project. It has been conceived at a time where it becomes clearer that we must join efforts to find sustainable, equal and innovative solutions to achieve the Green Deal goals. Understanding that science is present in our daily lives, it should be accompanied by a scientific culture that will prepare citizens to a reality full of challenges. It is essential to promote youth interest in Science by opening it to the general public through researchers in an accessible way. Fundacion Descubre will coordinate this project, based on its experience through the last decade working with relevant projects and in its consortium experience in the previous NIGHT projects. The consortium is composed of 9 Andalusian universities, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Andalusian Foundation Progress and Health, and the Royal Botanical Garden of Cordoba. The project's major strength is the numerous activities taking place on streets, theatres, and historical buildings of the 8 Andalusian cities, with a high mobilization of researchers and collaborating institutions. To reinforce this, partners will consolidate a strong online programme of activities and a TV show. The European dimension will be underlined by the active involvement of researchers with European funds and Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellows in the EU Corners and in the pre-events. Gender balance will be guaranteed in researchers as well as the RRI for designing inclusive and sustainable R&I. The project includes a European collaboration to design a set of activities linked to the Green Deal."


Net EU contribution
€ 22 500,00
Other funding
€ 28 250,00

Participants (12)