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Shifting school meals and schools into a new paradigm by addressing public health and territorial, social and environmental resilience

Project description

Sustainable food culture in EU schools

Food choices and eating habits are learned. This is why schools play a big role. All school children are vulnerable to diet-related conditions. In this context, the EU-funded SchoolFood4Change project will put sustainable and healthy diets back on the school menu. Specifically, the project will innovate and deploy sustainable healthy food supply in line with the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, train and empower cooks and urban food enablers, and ensure a healthy food culture is realised in and around schools. SchoolFood4Change will assess its impact on the health and behavioural change of vulnerable children. It will also assess the impact on over 3 000 schools and 600 000 children in 12 EU Member States.


"SchoolFood4Change (SF4C) will create a shift to both sustainable and healthy diets on a broad societal scale by directly impacting over 3,000 schools and 600,000 school children in 12 EU countries, providing a replicable good practice across the EU and beyond. The SF4C specific objectives (SO) are:
SO1: To innovate and roll out sustainable healthy food procurement, sourced from land, inland water and sea, in line with the EU Farm to Fork Strategy and the SDGs.
SO2: Through innovative ""planetary health diets & cooking"", linked to the identity of the territory, train and empower cooks and urban food enablers in the cities.
SO3: To ensure an enabling educational environment through the innovative ""whole school food approach"" which is a method about achieving a healthy food culture in and around schools, contributing to community-wide whole systems change, and impacting on education, sustainability, inequalities, communities and health.
SO4: To assess the SF4C impact, demonstrate real life delivery (""business case""), particularly on health and behavioural change of vulnerable children, and prove that it can be cost-effective.
SO5: To seek impact for all EU citizens, demonstrate swift EU replicability, also beyond schools, and engage with EC Services and projects on increased Farm to Fork impact toward 2030.
All children go to school and are vulnerable to diet-related conditions and disadvantaged environments. SF4C views schools and children and young people (0-18 years of age) as catalysts for systemic change for the shift to sustainable and healthy diets of all EU citizens. The SF4C triple impact approach (SO1-3) will be implemented by 33 partners, mostly governmental partners that have the mandate over sustainable healthy school meals, including many pioneers from across the EU. SF4C has received official support from 10 EU Members States."

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