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Integrated TRM System for the Seismic Strengthening of Masonry Heritage

Project description

Textile reinforced mortar technology for strengthening masonry buildings

Most buildings in Europe, particularly those of significant architectural or historical value, are traditional masonry constructions. Strengthening interventions are often needed to improve their structural response against seismic actions. The latest innovative textile reinforced mortar (TRM) technique is very promising, but its effectiveness relies on connectors used to fix the reinforcing layers to the substrate. The use of connectors varies according to different parameters and nowadays no commonly accepted guidelines are available regarding the design, practical installation and mechanical performance of the integrated TRM/connector strengthening system. The EU-funded CONNECT project will use an experimental-numerical approach to develop recommendations for correctly designing TRM-strengthened interventions by the rational application of connectors for at-risk masonry buildings.

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€ 147 815,04
Largo Do Paco
4704 553 Braga

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Continente Norte Cávado
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