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MANUNKIND: Determinants and Dynamics of Collaborative Exploitation

Project description

Game theory sheds light on the logic of collaborative exploitation

Slavery and other forms of collaborative exploitation pervade human history. Today, exploitative behaviours, such as human trafficking and forced labour, cause harm for millions. Surprisingly, despite the broad availability of data on various forms of collaborative exploitation, comprehensive modelling of its fundamental incentive structures has never been done. The ERC-funded MANUNKIND project addresses this gap, aiming to understand how the macro-level patterns and dynamics observable in the existing data emerge from micro-level traits, decisions and behaviour. The team will develop a versatile game theoretic framework and new paradigms for behavioural experiments. The project will thus shed new light on the psychological mechanisms and traits involved in exploitative interactions and be the first to apply rigorous formal modelling to understand collaborative exploitation.


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Zuid-Nederland Limburg (NL) Zuid-Limburg
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