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Traveling Memories, Silences and Secrets: Life narratives of Violence Among Refugees from Africa's Great Lakes Region (AGLR)


This project aims to map and examine to what extent, and under what conditions, the life narratives of Burundians, Congolese and Rwandan refugees evolve, travel, and transform across time and space. It will explore how these narratives shape relationships among refugees and communities in countries of transition and destination. It examines how life narratives change as the Africa Great Lakes Region (AGLR) refugees encounter preconceived notions about themselves and their communities in host countries. The study will rely on innovative methodological approaches that will include multi-spatial and multi-temporal oral narratives developed via an African orature- and arts-inspired approach. Respondents will include documented and undocumented refugees from AGLR, in both the Global North and Global South. The project will produce new theoretical and methodological knowledge combining Memory Studies and Migration Studies.This approach is designed to overcome limitations in global scholarship on the neglected narratives of millions of AGLR refugees who continue to move through the Global North and South due to insecurity in their home countries. Through both academic outputs and those aimed at a general audience, TMSS study's findings will challenge policymakers to think differently when designing programs geared towards refugees. Insights gained from studying these narratives will inspire new community visions and projects that shape relationships between refugees and their host societies in countries of transition and destination. Life narratives of refugees have been an object of scholarly and policy studies before, but existing literature fails to engage with the subjective experiences of refugees as they navigate global contexts. I am exceptionally well suited to conduct this research given both my scholarly record and my personal history of violent displacement.


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