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B Cell Engineering and Tertiary Lymphoid Structure Induction via Biomaterials for Cancer Immunotherapy

Project description

A novel B-cell immunotherapy

B lymphocytes exhibit diverse immunological functions, including antibody production and antigen presentation. Emerging evidence indicates that these cells also create niches known as B cell-associated tertiary lymphoid structures (TLS) that sustain an immune response. The role of TLS in cancer is only beginning to emerge, and understanding it requires further insight into cellular and spatial composition. Funded by the European Research Council, the BeaT-IT project aims to determine the factors that stimulate B cells and induce TLS. Researchers will employ novel polymeric biomaterials and test different agents and cells for their capacity to stimulate TLS formation. The materials can be further combined with immunotherapy or chemotherapy as a synergistic anticancer strategy.


Net EU contribution
€ 1 488 762,50
Pauwelsstrasse 30
52074 Aachen

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Nordrhein-Westfalen Köln Städteregion Aachen
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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