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Macroeconomic trends and the efficiency of financial markets

Project description

Studying changes to countries’ collateral

To some degree, all modern economies – both national and global – are set up on similar foundations of financial markets in which lenders offer resources to borrowers today in exchange for a promise to receive goods in the future. Sometimes, however, the promises cannot be honoured; this is why they are backed by collateral. An economy’s stock of collateral determines the amount and type of promises that can be traded. In this context, The EU-funded MACROTRENDS_FINANCE project aims to reduce some of the current instability by studying significant events and their effects on the collateral of economies. The events studied are the rise of market power, reduced interest rates and changes in country power.


Centre de Recerca en Economia Internacional (CREI)
Net EU contribution
€ 1 336 250,00
Ramon Trias Fargas 25/27
08005 Barcelona

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€ 1 336 250,00