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Fast track to cleaner, healthier urban Aerosols by market ready Solutions of retrofit Filtration Devices for tailpipe, brake systems and closed environments

Project description

Innovative retrofit filtration devices for cleaner urban air

Europe is steadily working towards cleaner air and zero-emission electric vehicles. However, over the next decades, the current vehicle fleet will continue to emit toxic ultrafine particles and gaseous compounds such as nitrogen oxides (NOx). The AeroSolfd project, coordinated by MANN+HUMMEL, will develop market-ready retrofit solutions to decrease the harmful effects on health and the environment of existing transport-related emissions. It will deliver three affordable, easy-to-install and environmentally friendly retrofit filtration devices to reduce tailpipe, brake emissions and pollution at metro stations. The consortium of large industrial players, renowned scientific institutes, and lighthouse demo sites will realise the quick deployment so that people in Europe and beyond can benefit already by 2025 from cleaner mobility and a healthier environment.


Emissions of the existing gasoline engines and brakes of the commercial vehicle fleets in Europe relate to health problems and death of annually >1,45 Mio. people. For the next decades, these vehicles will continue populating the roads, emitting PM/PN exhaust particles and toxic secondary emissions. For immediate reduction, retrofit solutions for tailpipe and brake emissions must be brought to TRL 8 and introduced to the market by 2025. Timing is crucial: Retrofits are transition technologies until full electrification of Europe’s transport fleet. Even beyond, brake retrofits play an important role in the electrified fleet. Quick wins in the reduction of the overall footprint of the existing fleets can be realised by using our 3 retrofits for tailpipe, brake and closed environments: 95% of PM2.5 and 80% of toxic secondary emissions using an innovative Gasoline Particle Filter, 60% of NOx exhaust emissions replacing the aged TWC by original equipment, 90% of the brake particles of long-lived road transport assets using a passive BDPF, 90% of particles in closed environments (bus stops, tunnels, metro stations) using a special designed and enhanced stationary air purifier. To create credible key messages for clients, citizens and policy, we perform lighthouse demo activities: 1) tailpipe retrofit: 1.000 vehicles in 2 climate zones (Germany + Israel) for 4 representative engine type families, 2) brake retrofit: Define emission fingerprints for the public transport of the cities of Valladolid, Ancona, Fermo and Sofia and > 35000 km lab testing on dynamometer and > 8000 km real driving, 3) air purifier retrofit for closed environments: 3 underground stations (Sofia, 2x Lisbon) with > 130000 commuters and Valladolid central bus depot with > 150 buses.
For market preparation we will reach >4.000 citizens and policy makers from EU KOM level and >8 EU countries. We unite world leading industry, renowned scientific institutes and lighthouse demo sites in 8 European countries


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