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A PeRsOnalized Prevention roadmap for the future HEalThcare

Project description

Paving the way for a personalised paradigm shift in disease prevention

The change from the treatment of established diseases to prevention is a challenge. The development of targeted interventions represents a promising paradigm shift, making personalised approaches the future of prevention. In this context, PROPHET will support the implementation of innovative, sustainable and effective personalised programmes to prevent common chronic diseases, through the development of a strategic research&innovation roadmap (SRIA). Specifically, the project will focus on stakeholder engagement (including citizens, patients and healthcare professionals), a mapping of the latest research advancements in Personalised Prevention and capacity building activities. Led by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and a consortium of 17 beneficiaries and 2 affiliated entities across 12 EU Member States, the project will help deliver on the promise of personalisation in healthcare.


"""PROPHET - a PeRsOnalized Prevention roadmap for the future HEalThcare"" will develop a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for Personalized Prevention, in order to support the implementation of innovative, sustainable and effective personalized programmes to prevent common chronic diseases. Technological biomedical advances (including omics data and digital tools) make risk stratification at the individual level possible. However, development of Personalized Prevention approaches must be accompanied by healthcare system transition, including citizen engagement, healthcare professional education and addressing organisational, social and legal issues. PROPHET will be centred around stakeholder engagement and the SRIA co-creation process in relation to three main strands of activities: Mapping, Assessment, and Building. Firstly, we will summarize, evaluate and discuss with the relevant stakeholders the extent to which all these new technologies can synergise (Mapping). Secondly, we will design a holistic framework (the PROPHET Framework) that will include all the necessary aspects to appraise Personalized Prevention approaches and their adoption by Public Health Authorities (Assessment). Thirdly, we will support the introduction of Personalised Prevention Programmes by providing guidelines for their design, engaging with healthcare professionals (especially those working with policy makers), and increasing health literacy at the population level on the benefits of Personalized Prevention (Building). PROPHET will liaise with other key current and forthcoming initiatives at EU level, such as ICPerMed, European Partnership (EP) PerMed, the CSA Beyond 1 Million Genomes (B1MG), and the EP on Transforming Health and Care Systems. The consortium consists of 18 beneficiaries and 2 affiliated entities across 12 EU Countries, and a large number of stakeholders already engaged from different Target Groups."


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