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Economic, Social and Spatial Inequalities in Europe in the Era of Global Mega-trends (ESSPIN)

Project description

Addressing inequalities in light of emerging mega trends in the EU

Mega trends are defined as impactful changes that unfold across an extended period of time and affect a large percentage of the population. Economic growth, energy issues, connectivity, digital disruption, urbanisation and climate change are amongst the mega trends defining current times. The EU-funded ESSPIN project aims to investigate policy responses to social, economic and spatial inequalities arising in the EU in the context of emerging mega trends and the challenges they bring. ESSPIN will adopt a holistic approach in an effort to identify and delineate the connection between drivers of these inequalities, their outcomes and effective policy recommendations based on the principles of inclusivity.


The goal of this research proposal is to re-examine the nexus of social, economic and spatial inequalities in the EU, the various typologies and the arrangements and mix of policies addressing them, in the light of emerging and highly interacting mega-trends and challenges, threatening to increase pressures and make policy choices even more difficult. As new and older drivers of change are projected to create a rather unfavorable environment for balanced growth and socio-spatial resilience, this research will focus on the analysis of policy responses, aiming to make them more pro-active, inclusive and effective. The novel contribution of the proposed research project lies on a holistic and integrated approach that relates in an interactive way drivers to outcomes and levels of aggregation. The aim is to detect, model and map the interdependence among drivers of inequality and outcomes (including circular causality) in a multi-level, poly parametric context with specific tailor-made policy recommendations.


Net EU contribution
€ 356 000,00
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 356 000,00

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