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iMmersive gamEs for Museums as vehicles to Engage visiTOrs in Empathetic reSponses

Project description

Museums using video games to engage global audiences

Harnessing technologies such as virtual and mixed reality to provide highly personal experiences that demonstrate empathy is becoming more widespread. The EU-funded MEMENTOES project will design three immersive video games each intended for a real (rather than virtual) museum. The museums are recognised internationally as Sites of Conscience – places of memory that remember and preserve even the most traumatic memories to allow visitors to make connections between the past and its power to create positive change. The games will address visitors’ demands and instil in the general public a greater appreciation for museums engaged in memorialisation – the process of creating public memorials – and transitional justice.


MEMENTOES will build immersive video games to service the needs, and facilitate mass audience affection for museums engaged in the topics of memorialisation and transitional justice. The goal is to create authentic storytelling experiences, where people, places and original items, are used to maximum effect to fulfill the museum’s responsibility to provide immersive, deeply personal experiences that aim to demonstrate empathy toward their communities. Through cutting-edge technology, such as virtual/mixed reality,high-quality digitisation techniques, AI for explorative procedural content generation, and accessible interaction techniques, MEMENTOES will deliver a universal experience where distant people and places will become palpable and present to the players. MEMENTOES will involve a multi-disciplinary team of museum curators, designers and exhibit developers, as well as technology providers and visionary game developers so as to uncover the types of connections museum visitors are making, enabling the game makers to understand the types of education techniques and behaviors that foster historical empathy and tangential learning outcomes and draw appropriate parallels to game storytelling frameworks. Three game will be developed, each targeting an authentic museum recognised internationally as a Site of Conscience, to help get deliver the museum messages to wider audiences from around the world, transcending even the boundaries put in place by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. MEMENTOES will further facilitate a liaison with the outcomes of HORIZON-CL2-HERITAGE-2021-01-09: ‘Games and culture shaping our society’, contributing with its evidence on games as a vehicle to engage cultural institution visitors in empathetic responses.


Net EU contribution
€ 633 125,00
57001 Thermi Thessaloniki

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Βόρεια Ελλάδα Κεντρική Μακεδονία Θεσσαλονίκη
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Research Organisations
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€ 633 125,00

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