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Grammar Assistance Using Syntactic Structures: Fast parsing with formal grammars deployed for Spanish grammar coaching.


Grammar Assistance Using Syntactic Structures.

In the times when a human's right to a cultural identity is often at odds with the standardized requirements placed by e.g. employment systems, automatic grammar coaching serves an important purpose of advising on standard grammar varieties while not imposing social pressures typical for a traditional grammar classroom or reinforcing established social roles. Such systems already exist but most of them are for English and few of them offer meaningful instructive feedback. Furthermore, they typically rely completely on neural methods, which means they require huge computational resources which most of the world cannot afford. I propose a grammar coaching system for Spanish that relies on (i) a rich linguistic formalism capable of giving informative feedback; and (ii) a new, faster parsing algorithm which makes using this formalism practical in a real-world grammar coaching application. My approach is feasible for any language for which there is a formalized grammar and is less reliant on hugely expensive and environmentally costly neural methods (while still benefiting from them where appropriate). I thus seek to contribute to Greener AI and to address global education challenges by raising the standards of inclusivity and engagement in grammar coaching while retaining the precision of systematized linguistic knowledge.


Net EU contribution
€ 165 312,96
Calle De La Maestranza 9
15001 La Coruna

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Galicia A Coruña
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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