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Non-Native Language Processing and Production: Evidence for an Integrated Grammar


The project responds to a vital need in the modern European society to put scientific research behind language-related policies and decisions that define the statuses of different languages in the European community. It makes a scientific step towards a better understanding of multilingualism and language acquisition. NNLPP is an integrated study of processing and production which compares the strategies multilingual speakers use across their languages. The project will investigate adult non-balanced multilinguals of 250-300 participants speaking languages that belong to different linguistic families: Norwegian, Russian, Armenian and English. I will carry out a series of studies that will measure processing time and eye movements, and will record speech patterns. NNLPP will provide a well-rounded description of psycholinguistic mechanisms of language processing and production used by a multilingual mind in sentences with code-switching.


Net EU contribution
€ 226 751,04
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7491 Trondheim

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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