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Political Economies of Refugee Camps

Project description

A closer look at the economies of refugee camps along the Balkan Route

Although there is much discussion about refugee camps in both the public and academic spheres, their economies have been far less discussed and researched. The camPEconomies project of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) will take a closer look at the economy in and around refugee camps. The fundamental questions pursued here are: How much do the camps cost? From which entities are they financed and how are these funds distributed? Are there socio-economic relations between the camps and the surrounding areas/cities? How do the refugees earn their living in the camps? Are they only dependent on aid or do they also have alternative resources? To answer these questions, both archival research and in-depth fieldwork will be conducted in two refugee camps along the Balkan route, one in Greece and one in Serbia.


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