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Slaves of Religion: Paternalism and Resistance, Brazil.

Project description

Slaves’ resistance strategies in the time of the Luso-Brazilian Benedictine Congregation

The Benedictines fashioned effective strategies for managing slaves through the control of women’s behaviour, access to freedom and reproduction. The EU-funded project SLAVESRELIGION will advance knowledge on how slavery was enforced, exploited and perpetuated in the properties of the Luso-Brazilian Benedictine Congregation between 1750 and 1871. The research will focus on issues related to gender, race and slavery in the Atlantic world and analyse how enslaved men and especially women resisted the measures imposed by the Order of Saint Benedict. SLAVESRELIGION aims to demonstrate the important role this Congregation played in the construction of modern slavery.


Faculdade de letras da Universidade de Lisboa
Net EU contribution
€ 172 618,56
Alameda Da Reitoria (Cidade Universitaria)
1600-214 Lisboa

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