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Precommercializing a Method For Inducing Muscle Fiber Formation For Industrial Meat Production

Project description

Maturing the market for cultured meat

The cultured meat market is growing as it offers an alternative to meat farming and industry that generates high emissions. The industry is actively seeking ways to increase production efficiency. Processes that can speed up and enhance the efficiency of myoblast fusion would facilitate this achievement. The discovery of a signalling cascade that enhances myoblast fusion meets the needs of the field of cultured meat, which builds upon the techniques used for decades in the in vitro study of myogenesis. The EU-funded SuperFusion project will improve the maturity of this idea by implementing a pre-commercial prototype of the proposed product and explore its commercialisation potential.


Net EU contribution
€ 150 000,00
Herzl Street 234
7610001 Rehovot

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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