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Building Performance Digitalisation and Dynamic Logbooks for Future Value-Driven Services

Project description

Impact assessment practices to better design, construct and/ renovate buildings

The EU-funded CHRONICLE project aims to develop, demonstrate, and validate a holistic building performance assessment framework and toolbox for different building variations. It will support sustainable design, construction and efficient renovation and investment decision-making. Actual building performance will be continuously monitored and analysed over its complete life cycle. Performance will be assessed based on different information, such as sensor measurements that are adapted to various types of uses and building life cycle phases for new or existing buildings being refurbished. The project will take into to account key market players such as energy service companies, as well as building owners and tenants.


CHRONICLE will deliver a holistic, life-cycle performance assessment framework and tool-suite for different building variants, supporting sustainable design, construction and/or efficient renovation and investment decision making. It will be methodologically integrate ongoing initiatives, like EPCs, Level(s), SRI, under the umbrella of the Digital Building Logbook concept. Performance will be assessed by means of well-defined KPIs, based on both static (by design) as well as dynamic information (sensor measurements) appropriately tailored to different types of use and building life-cycle phases (new or existing buildings under refurbishment). Continuous monitoring and analysis of the actual building performance over its lifetime, will be based on a powerful digital twin framework. The proposed data availability and accessibility within CHRONICLE will extend the limits of the EU energy related policies while the aggregated EPC advanced information will facilitate efficient energy planning. To this end, CHRONICLE will allow all stakeholders to realize in quantified terms the short- and long-term impact of the project activities, from policy to practice, and across the whole building life cycle. It will therefore promote evidence-based impact assessment practices to support policy coherence, design of smart penalties and reward schemes towards motivating energy consciousness, while also paying attention to the voice of market stakeholders (AECs, ESCOs, FMs) but also building owners and tenants/occupants, who are directly impacted by future regulatory decisions. CHRONICLE’s building performance assessment framework and tool-set will be demonstrated and validated in five pilot sites spanning the geographic diversity of Europe, namely in Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Greece and Switzerland.


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