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Next Generation Meta Operating System

Project description

Higher-level operating system for the IoT and edge

Massive IoT deployment and data generation are pushing for more effective operations on data and human-machine interactions, management and analytics. This introduces the concept of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), a fusion of AI and IoT, supported by edge and cloud capabilities. Based on this, the EU-funded NEMO project aims to establish itself as a game changer in the AIoT-edge-cloud continuum proposing the next generation of open, modular and cybersecure meta-operating system. By exploiting existing open-source technologies and standards while introducing new concepts, methods and tools, NEMO will bring intelligence closer to the data and make AI-as-a-Service an integral part of micro-services' lifecycle management. NEMO builds on easy development, ZeroOps deployment data monetisation and new business models, engaging communities and ecosystems to enable sustainability.


NEMO aims to establish itself as the game changer of AIoT-Edge-Cloud Continuum by introducing an open source, flexible, adaptable, cybersecure and multi-technology meta-Operating System, sustainable during and after the end of the project, via the Eclipse foundation (NEMO consortium member). To achieve technology maturity and massive adoption, NEMO will not “reinvent the wheel”, but leverage and interface existing systems, technologies and Open Standards, and introduce novel concepts, tools, testing facilities/Living Labs and engagement campaigns to go beyond today’s state of the art, make breakthrough research and create sustainable innovation, already within the project lifetime.
NEMO will introduce innovations at different layers of the protocol stack, enabling on-device Cybersecure Federated ML/DRL, deliver time-triggered (TSN) multipath ad-hoc/hybrid self-organized and zero-delay failback/self-healing multi-cloud clusters, multi-technology Secure Execution Environment and on-Service Level Objectives meta-Orchestrator, Plugin and Apps Lifecycle Management and Intent Based programming tools. Moreover, NEMO will be “by design” and “by innovation” cybersecure and trusted adopting state of the art mechanisms such as Mutual TLS and Digital Identity Attestation.
NEMO will be validated in 5 most prominent industrial sectors (i.e. Farming, Energy, Mobility/City, Industry 4.0 and Media/XR) and 8 use cases in 5 +1 Living Labs, utilizing more than 30 heterogenous IoT devices and real 5G infrastructure. The impact will not only safeguard EU position in data economy and applications verticals, but lower energy efficiency, reduce pesticides and CO2 footprint.
Beyond Eclipse adoption, NEMO sustainability, wide acceptance and SMEs engagement will be achieved via open source ecosystems, standardization initiatives and 2 Open Calls that will provide financial support of 1,8M€ and access to NEMO Living Labs to SMEs and enlarge NEMO by at least 16 new entities.


Net EU contribution
€ 407 250,00
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 573 625,00

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