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GREEN bioMEthane market UPtake

Project description

Supporting the European biomethane market to reach the target of 35 bcm production by 2030

Biomethane is a renewable gas that can contribute to reducing carbon emissions using the existing gas distribution network. The EU-funded GreenMeUp project will seek to promote broader usage of biomethane in the European energy and transport sectors. The project will analyse production routes, feedstocks and end uses as well as the market situation for seven selected European target countries (Greece, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic and a region in the Danube). Bringing together these target countries with other advanced countries from Europe and with well-developed policies and regulations from around the world, the project will design financial frameworks and policy measures to support the market and increase the societal acceptance of biomethane. The goal is to build a robust, incentive-compatible biomethane market.


Biomethane is expected to contribute towards the decarbonisation of the EU energy system as a renewable gas. Its contribution strongly depends on the market & policy environment & on societal acceptance. Member State policies are often inadequate and not tailored to market needs. The objective of GreenMeUp is facilitating the wider market uptake of biomethane in the European energy and transport sectors by strengthening the market in countries with slow development rates. The work is structured in 6 WP. In WP1 framework conditions and market dynamics for bioCH4 will be analysed in the top 10 advanced European countries and in selected 5 MI countries. The analysis will address all production routes, feedstocks and end-uses. The technological developments for bioCH4 production and use, and feedstock availability will be addressed. Similar work will be carried out at national level for 7 selected European target countries (Greece, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, and a region in Danube) with low developments in WP2. As a result, comprehensive overviews of the existing market situation and future market trends in Europe and in each of the selected countries will be produced. In WP3, stakeholders engagement and societal acceptance will be assured, with the involvement of relevant actors representing all stages of the bioCH4 value chains through science-based evidence and tools. In WP4, market uptake policy measures and financial frameworks will be designed, that will allow the bioCH4 markets to operate efficiently in the advanced and target countries where results could be replicated. The interaction of work from all WPs will steer the development of more informed and targeted policies in the target countries and support them in building a robust, incentive-compatible bioCH4 market, in their final energy consumption by 2030 and beyond. In WP5, dissemination & communication will target all key policy &decision makers & market actors. WP6 aims at management.


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