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Australia-France Network of Doctoral Excellence

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PhD training programme boosts Australia-France research links

Strengthening Australian and French academic ties is a key focus of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions AUFRANDE project. AUFRANDE aims to connect the countries through 64 doctoral training positions, involving 22 French partners and 15 Australian universities. Doctoral researchers will gain a wealth of intersectoral skills and experience, and build relationships that will help them in their chosen research careers across fields such as photonics, nanotechnology, acoustics and energy. Participants will receive mentoring from academia and industry, and support at group events and other gatherings. They will be employed at French research institutions and spend up to 12 months on secondments in Australia.


AUFRANDE is a highly ambitious 15.6M€ interdisciplinary doctoral training program linking France and Australia through 64 unique doctoral training positions. Led by RMIT Europe with participation of 22 French and 15 Australian academic partners and supported by over 40 non-academic partners, AUFRANDE aims to create a critical mass of collaborative doctoral training agreements between multiple institutions across France and Australia, reinforced with regular events where Candidates and Supervisors come together, share common experiences and build a sustainable community. The many legal and procedural elements developed to link the French and Australian research ecosystems during AUFRANDE implementation will lay a strong foundation for long-term impact on future collaborations and careers.
To ensure that AUFRANDE attracts top talent globally, all Candidates will:
- dual-enrol, earning doctoral degrees from both France and Australia,
- be employed in France on attractive salaries with full social security benefits,
- able to extend contracts up to 3.5 years, giving ample time to complete secondments, research and training activities,
- spend up to 12 months on secondment in Australia, with generous 10,000€ travel allowance.
- Each position will be advertised with at least three topics to choose from, proposed bottom-up by Supervisors across all disciplines.
- All research projects will have the direct involvement of a non-academic partner, ensuring inter-sectoral experiences and societal relevance of the research,
- Training schools will be held regularly at multiple locations across France and Australia, bringing Candidates and Supervisor together to learn and network.
- Dissemination will aim to attract female, at-risk and widening countries applicants,
- Best practises in international co-supervision and doctoral training will be documented and shared with the international community.


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