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Connected Hubs in Ageing: Healthy Living to Protect Cerebrovascular Function

Project description

Portugal and Greece unite in the fight against cerebrovascular diseases via healthy living

Teamwork is essential to the success of complex endeavours on large scales such as combatting climate change or ensuring public health. Quadruple helix innovation systems highlight the importance of societal participation in research and innovation (R&I) alongside the more traditional actors of science, policy and industry. The EU-funded CHAngeing project will transform, interconnect and strengthen the quadruple helix-based excellence ecosystems in Portugal and Greece, enhancing the effectiveness of initiatives to combat cerebrovascular diseases (CVDs). The focus will be on promoting healthy lifestyles supported by the Mediterranean diet to prevent CVD and on improving the health of stroke patients via technology-driven rehabilitation.


Cerebrovascular diseases (CVD) represent a major public health burden in Europe, afflicting, in particular, Easter Widening Regions. By bringing together a multidisciplinary and cross-sector agenda, CHAngeing will transform and interconnect two quadruple helix-based excellence ecosystems located in southern Europe (Portugal and Greece). This will be accomplished by science-based interventions: 1) promoting healthy lifestyles supported by Mediterranean diet culture to prevent CVD; 2) improving health technology-based rehabilitation of stroke patients. The objectives of CHAngeing are aligned with call outcomes, are supported by the Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) of both regions, and will contribute to deliver impact in both hubs and between hubs, in a synergistic manner: 1) reinforcing the excellence of both hubs as poles of attraction of new talents; 2) developing a common R&I strategy on ageing research, supported by action and investment plans; 3) promoting a culture of cross-sector fertilization in R&I and student’s training in both regions and across regions; 4) building strong links between research and business, filling innovation gaps and foster knowledge transfer and job creation; 5) implementing pilots and demonstrators towards healthy lifestyles and rehabilitation of stroke patients; 6) efficiently communicate, disseminate and exploit results of CHAngeing, ensuring high societal impact and long-term sustainability. The proposal encloses seven work packages: WP1- Coordination and management; WP2- Exploitation and sustainability (action and investment plans); WP3- R&I strategy; WP4- Advanced training and twinning; WP5- Connecting academia & business; WP6- Pilots & demonstrators; WP7- Communication, dissemination and societal impact. CHAngeing will be a catalyser of excellence synergistically supported by the success of established flagship projects in both regions, including Teaming for Excellence, ERA Chairs, Twinning, ERC’s, REGPOT, AAL and EIT Health


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