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Motivations, experiences and consequences of returns and readmissions policy: revealing and developing effective alternatives

Project description

Experiences and consequences of returns and readmissions policy: exploring alternatives

The returns and readmissions (RR) policy is the preferred EU and Member State response to migrant irregularity. Attempts to enhance the "effectiveness" of this policy have created a shrinking pathway to guarantee migrants' rights, with restrictive readings of the Returns Directive and increased efforts to upturn returns and deportations. Yet, evidence shows that such measures have failed to improve the "effectiveness" of RR policy and furthered violations of fundamental rights. MORE problematises this "effectivity" approach by adopting a mixed-methods approach focused on ethnographic fieldwork with migrants and stakeholders to explore perceptions and consequences of the RR policy response. Furthermore, it identifies alternative solutions to the challenge of irregular migration in Europe and explores why these have not become a preferred response.


In recent years, the Returns and Readmissions policy has become the preferred solution for the EU and its member states to address migrants living in situations of irregularity. Yet, different actors have raised concerns over the lack of effectiveness of the policy, violations of migrant’s fundamental rights associated with its implementation and the dependency on third countries for its application. In the first phase of the project, MORE will provide an exhaustive analysis of the development of the policy and its supporting evidence to understand why it has become a preferred solution and why it has been understood to be ineffective. In parallel, the project will examine the development, rationale, objectives, supporting evidence and implementation for 6 alternative policies that are or have been implemented in EU member states and the UK. The project will look at when and why these are or were implemented and why they have not become the main response to situations of administrative irregularity among migrants in the EU.


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