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6G Non Terrestrial Networks

Project description

Seamless integration of non-terrestrial networks into 6G wireless networks

The 6G system will natively incorporate a non-terrestrial network (NTN) component to complement the terrestrial network (TN) in addressing societal, economical and environmental challenges. 6G NTN is expected to provide connectivity to user equipment for consumers and verticals, especially in unserved and underserved areas, offering increased performance in terms of bandwidth, latency, reliability, coverage, and connectivity density. The EU-funded 6G-NTN project will design and validate NTN key technical enablers for the integration of NTN and TN components into 6G by researching multidimensional network infrastructure, multimission radio protocol, multiconstraints radio access networks and multiuser terminals. The 6G-NTN Advisory Board, consisting of vertical user groups’ representatives, will provide use cases and user requirements. Project work will ensure a fully integrated TN and NTN 6G system.


The 6G-NTN project aims at researching and developing innovative technical, business, regulatory, and standardization enablers to achieve full and seamless integration of the Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) component into the 6G system and establish the European leadership in this domain. The vision is to extend coverage, resilience, and sustainability of next generation mobile networks, meeting needs and expectations of both vertical and consumer market segments, while unleashing new value chains and creating broad societal impact.
The proposed concept of full-fledged integration of the NTN component into 6G leverages multiple key project outcomes that will pave the way for a service roll-out in the 2030-35 time frame:
- a sustainable and resilient 3D multi-layered (GSO, NGSO, HAPS, drones) network architecture.
- a software defined payload adapted to all flying platforms and all frequency bands
- a very low Earth orbiting space segment
- a flexible waveform supporting terrestrial and non-terrestrial deployments.
- the support of smart phones and vehicle/drone mounted terminals
- the use of new spectrum (i.e. C and Q/V bands) in coexistence with the terrestrial network component
- high accuracy and reliable positioning solutions.
The newly designed NTN component will deliver: i.e. uRLLC (latency < 10 ms) and advanced eMBB (data rate up to several hundred of Mbps) services to vehicle, drone mounted ultra-small size devices, and battery activated nomadic terminals; ii. improved eMBB services to smartphones; iii. short emergency messaging services to smartphones in light indoor/in-vehicle environments; and iv. high accuracy (<10 cm) and reliable location service to both devices categories.
By pulling together leading players across all involved industrial, research and innovation areas, the 6G-NTN ambition is to become the flagship R&I project to define the 6G NTN component and to drive its standardization in 3GPP.


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€ 447 225,00

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