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Trial PlAtform foR 5G EvoluTion – Cross-Industry On Large Scale

Project description

A boost for wireless mobile technologies

The 5G mobile network technology is being rolled out globally, bringing to the market novel advantages and providing much-improved connectivity and performance. While industrial sectors like manufacturing are among the first to test the capabilities of 5G, the upcoming 6G wireless technology is already promising greater benefits. These include digital twinning, real-time communication and sensor-network data fusion. In this context, the EU-funded TARGET-X project will speed up the digital transformation of key sectors like energy, construction, automotive and manufacturing. Large-scale test beds will be set up. A selection of use cases will be established in the existing 5G test beds and new 5G/6G features will be integrated into the test beds and validated in evolved use cases.


The fifth generation of wireless technology (5G) has arrived and is being rolled out globally. First industrial sectors such as manufacturing are testing the capabilities of 5G showing great potential for ubiquitous connectivity. With the sixth generation (6G), wireless communication will bring new features, improved performance, and functional benefits to several industrial sectors.
The TARGET-X project envisions accelerating the digital transformation of key verticals: energy, construction, automotive, and manufacturing using large-scale trials in multiple testbeds. By demonstrating, validating, and evaluating the potential of 5G/6G in real environments, the most advanced 5G/6G technologies such as real-time communication, localization, self-description, digital twinning, and sensor-network data fusion can be tested and evaluated. The focus of the evaluation is on KPIs and especially KVIs, such as sustainability, safety, security, and privacy. Based on these KVIs, new business models and a methodological assessment framework for economic and societal evaluation will be developed. The development of the solutions will be supported and guided by the TARGET-X community, a network of SMEs, IT- and OT-partners, and up to 100 FSTP third parties, bringing together a strong consortium with SMEs and innovation drivers.
To reach TARGET-X's goals, a selection of use cases will be established for all verticals in the existing 5G testbeds. New 5G/6G features will be developed and integrated into the testbeds and validated in evolved use cases. The FTSP projects will both deliver new use cases and technical contributions. A large number of FTPS participants will strengthen the 5G/6G ecosystem. Results of the project will be discussed with 6G-SNS projects and used for standardization, also in the different verticals.


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