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Understanding the Science and Identifying the Issues Behind the Low Performance of Z Scheme Photocatalysts for CO2 Reduction


CO2 emission is a serious problem that threatens life on earth via global warming and climate change. Artificial photosynthesis is a green strategy to tackle water-energy-carbon challenges simultaneously. Z-scheme charge transfer mechanism is thought of as one of the promising approaches for photocatalyst design, to eventually commercialize CO2 reduction. However, the photocatalytic CO2 reduction using the current Z-scheme photocatalyst systems did not show the expected performance. The main objectives of this project are using advanced in situ/operando characterization to understand the science and identify the issues behind the low performance of current Z scheme photocatalysts and the development of innovative patterned thin film Z scheme photocatalysts that can address these issues. The synergy of Z scheme charge transfer and frustrated Lewis pair sites will be also investigated by constructing novel BiVO4/Cs2CuBr4 and WO3/Cs2CuBr4 heterostructures containing state-of-art photocatalyst material (lead-free halide perovskite).

The proposed research is an interdisciplinary proposal combining Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, and Environmental Science. It includes both training of the candidate and knowledge transfer to the host institution. The candidate’s experience in the field, the specialized supervisor, and the appropriate environment at UU along with the well-identified objectives and the achievable methodology ensure reaching the research and training objectives. Eventually, the project will strengthen the academic track record of the candidate and give him the opportunity to accomplish his main carrier goal and being a university professor and researcher of international repute in any of prestigious institutions across the globe to disseminate knowledge and to serve mankind by building future generations of researchers.


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