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Hydrogen Offshore Production for Europe

Project description

Pioneering offshore hydrogen production for the future

As the world grapples with the need to tackle the climate crisis, traditional energy sources have come under scrutiny for their detrimental environmental impact. The EU-funded HOPE project aims to pave the way for large-scale offshore hydrogen production, offering a sustainable alternative. By 2025, HOPE will construct and operate a 10MW offshore hydrogen production demonstrator near Belgium's port of Ostende, showcasing the technical and commercial viability of renewable offshore hydrogen production. In terms of outcomes, HOPE will yield detailed designs, operational data, and comprehensive analyses from this first-of-its-kind venture. Overall, HOPE aims to expedite the deployment of offshore hydrogen solutions, playing a pivotal role in achieving Europe's target of producing 10 Mt of clean hydrogen by 2030.


Hydrogen Offshore Production for Europe (HOPE) intents to pave the way for the deployment of large-scale offshore hydrogen production. To this aim, HOPE will design, build and operate the first offshore hydrogen production demonstrator of 10MW by 2025 in an offshore test zone near the port of Oostende in Belgium. The two-years demonstration of a mid-scale concept on a retrofitted jack-up barge will prove the technical and commercial sustainability of renewable offshore hydrogen production, export by pipelines and supply to end-clients onshore. It will also provide an extensive experience to assess the feasibility of 300MW and 500MW offshore concepts. The experience gathered by the consortium members and the maturity levels reached at the end of the project will enable the deployment of commercial large-scale solutions as soon as 2028.

HOPE gathers a unique consortium of European players with cutting-edge expertise across the whole hydrogen value chain: an offshore wind power developer, a renewable hydrogen producer, an electrolyser manufacturer, a desalination solutions manufacturer, an offshore hydrogen pipes manufacturer, a research centre, a regional development agency, a strategic consultancy and a renewables communication agency.

HOPE will produce a large range of exploitable results including not only detailed designs of replicable offshore hydrogen technologies, operational data and resulting analyses from a first-of-a-kind project but also pre-feasibility studies and techno-economic assessments of two large-scale concepts. Through an ambitious dissemination and exploitation plan, the consortium intends to accelerate the deployment of large-scale offshore hydrogen solutions to contribute to reach the 10 Mt of clean hydrogen produced in Europe by 2030 to decarbonize the European economy and reach our climate goals.


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