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rEaLIzing healthcare 4.0 eXploIting the 6G netwoRk evolutION

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6G technologies for a secure healthcare ecosystem

Advanced 6G technologies have the potential to facilitate the digitisation of healthcare within the context of Healthcare 4.0. The EU-funded ELIXIRION project is dedicated to establishing a comprehensive and innovative training and research network that integrates various disciplines. Its main goal is to lay the foundation for Healthcare 4.0 by harnessing the capabilities of 6G technologies. The project strives to provide a wide range of healthcare services to all citizens and patients. These services include ultra-low latency for time-sensitive applications, high-speed connectivity for data-intensive services, and secure access to healthcare resources, all while upholding privacy standards. ELIXIRION’s objective is to create a secure, efficient and profitable healthcare ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.


ELIXIRION will create the first fully-integrated, inter- and multi-disciplinary, highly-innovative training and research network that will set the foundations of the emerging Healthcare 4.0 paradigm by leveraging 6G technologies targeting to: i) provide all citizens/patients with a wide range of services of different requirements, such as ultra-low latency for latency-critical applications, high speed for data hungry services and ubiquitous secure access to healthcare resources, anytime, anywhere, respecting all privacy aspects, and ii) ensure a secure, efficient, and profitable healthcare ecosystem to all involved stakeholders, while creating a sustainable open market easing access to new players. To achieve the aforementioned objective, ELIXIRION will: 1) leverage a gamut of 6G technologies towards a powerful interconnected network for ultra-high performance access to the healthcare ecosystem targeting up to 99,99999% reliability, 100% coverage, down to sub-ms E2E latency, up to 1 Tbps capacity, high energy- and cost-efficiency, while supporting a massive number of connections, 2) design edge-aware algorithms leveraging diverse computing capabilities offering ultra-fast task execution through parallelization, serverless and distributed computing by intra- and inter- edge node orchestration techniques for real-time mission critical healthcare applications, 3) provide an E2E slicing and zero-touch orchestration framework for optimized 6G network performance across the healthcare ecosystem, targeting at full network automation and secure information handling especially when a massive number of medical devices is considered, by leveraging AI/ML, while considering all different network parts and data analytics to derive useful information helping in the decision-making process, and 4) create a sustainable healthcare ecosystem and new business models leveraging blockchain-based incentive engineering for secure incentivized collaboration among the involved stakeholders.


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