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A novel suite of technologies and an inexpensive platform based on Artificial Intelligence for remote access to live performing arts with an immensely improved feeling of presence

Project description

AI and VR-based technologies for live-streamed performing arts

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated quarantines underscored the necessity for enhanced virtual solutions in the realm of performing arts, including theatre. Traditional live-streamed performances often fell short in providing viewers with a sense of presence and engagement. The MSCA-funded ACCESS project addresses this gap by aiming to enhance live-streaming solutions for performing arts. It plans to achieve this by developing an innovative virtual environment based on deep learning (DL) and AI. This environment will offer real-time video processing, enabling viewers to focus on specific locations of interest. Additionally, the project will incorporate embodied virtual avatars and foyers to facilitate social interactions among users and provide relevant information or assistance.


The vision of ACCESS is to create an integrated framework for remote attendance of (live streamed) performing arts that offers a stronger feeling of presence compared to existing live video streaming products. To this end, we will radically extend the latest advances in Deep Learning (DL)/Artificial Intelligence (AI), we will build upon leading industrial DL capacities, and we will integrate these into mature virtual reality (VR) technologies in a unique and innovative way. Specifically, ACCESS will develop a virtual environment, wherein users:
1) Will be able to watch live-streamed video of performing arts, processed in real-time so that the video appears more focused on areas of the video that the viewer looks at. For instance, a TV director usually points the camera to the person speaking; however, a viewer may want to look at the reactions of another actor.
2) Will be embodied into virtual avatars and be able to interact with a virtual companion. The companion will support short discussions with the viewer, both chit-chat and provision of information related to the presented arts show. This may be able to happen during the live streaming, while waiting for it to start, or at the end of it.
3) Will be able to interact with the virtual personas of other attendants inside a virtual foyer.
These three components offer a stronger feeling of presence when attending a live show online.
To achieve this vision, ACCESS pursues an intersectoral secondment program that fosters knowledge exchange between academic experts and industrial partners in the cutting-edge technological fields of AI and VR. Additionally, the participation of an arts organization dedicated to supporting contemporary culture and digital art is crucial for the success of this project, both technically as well as for implementing our communication and dissemination ambition and plans.



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