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Resisting Language Inequlity/ Resistir la Desigualdad Lingüística

Project description

A framework to tackle language inequality

Individuals or groups speaking a particular language in a given context can experience unequal treatment leading to discrimination. The EU-funded ReDes_Ling project seeks to combat language inequality. It has established a network of 12 organisations across Europe and Latin America, with a focus on education, health and employment. The project aims to address and rectify inequalities stemming from social and linguistic factors through a three-part strategy. This involves redistributing material and symbolic resources, recognising and valuing all languages and their speakers, and encouraging all communities to participate in social and political life. The project plans to create an interdisciplinary framework that will effectively address language inequality.


ReDes_Ling is an interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral action research project whose goal is to research language inequality and propose innovative strategies to revert its pernicious social effects, promoting sociolinguistic justice and social integration. Building a network of twelve organizations from Europe (Denmark, Greenland, Luxembourg, Spain) and Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Mexico) that brings together scholars and social actors (grass-roots indigenous and workers' organizations, cultural institutions, media outlets), ReDes_Ling focuses its action research on three key areas that are fundamental pillars of economic and social prosperity: education, health, and work. To understand and reverse inequalities mediated by social and linguistic issues, ReDes_Ling proposes a three-prong action plan: redistribution of material and symbolic resources, recognition of all languages and speakers, and participation of all communities in social and political life. With this approach, ReDes_Ling will generate four outcomes: (1) a groundbreaking interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral framework to understand and tackle language inequality; (2) a corpus of actions to respond to language inequality that the network will design, implement, and assess; (3) an inventory of interventions to promote an alternative discourse to foster sociolinguistic justice, also designed, implemented, and assessed as part of the action; and (4), a series of materials to intervene in society so that the research and innovation produced by ReDes_Ling reaches our broad immediate social and academic circles, extended populations in the countries where the network operates, and stakeholders and policy makers at the regional, national, and European levels. Our project contributes to the EU's goals of excellence in R&I, raising democratic values, promoting gender equality, increasing political participation, and strengthening strategic international relationships.



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