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Regional Inclusive Biobased Entrepeneurship Solutions

Project description

Circular economy challenge in nine European regions

Nine European regions are grappling with biobased innovations. They are challenged by outdated business models and a linear economic approach. In this context, the EU-funded RIBES project aims to develop governance and business models to propel these regions from stagnation to a circular economy, fostering innovation, sustainability, and rural development. The project assesses regional bioeconomy ecosystems, examining socio-economic trends and innovation bottlenecks in the agricultural and biobased sectors. Through Multi-actor Transformative Forums, RIBES engages stakeholders in co-creating tailored business and governance models, fostering grassroots circular bioeconomy value chains. With a keen eye on inclusivity and sustainability, RIBES aims to deliver innovative solutions, enhancing rural development and innovation across participating regions.


RIBES will address the need to enhance the uptake of biobased innovations through pioneering governance and business models developed on the convergence of the circular bioeconomy, social innovation and rural development, thus contributing to the shift from a linear to a circular economy in 9 European regions lagging in innovation. Project activities will focus on specific sub-national levels but will also encompass proactive dissemination and replication at the country level. Participating regions have been selected based on various socio-economic indicators and data concerning the characteristics of the agricultural and biobased sectors, demographics, innovation capacity, etc. RIBES will perform an in-depth multidisciplinary assessment of regional bioeconomy ecosystems and research possible correlations between the socio-economic trends, innovation bottlenecks and the role of the primary sector. RIBES will create a significant impact by delivering innovative and tailored governance solutions and business models capable of fostering grass-rooted circular bioeconomy value chains, with particular attention devoted to the advanced sustainability of regional inclusive biobased entrepreneurship solutions, thus contributing to strengthening rural development and innovation in participating regions. RIBES will implement 9 local Multi-actor Transformative Forums (MTFs) based on the Living Lab and Open Innovation concepts to address complex societal challenges and problems by putting stakeholder participation and deliberation processes at the centre, aiming at systemic transformative change (instead of only addressing symptoms) in the three pillars of technological, social and economic innovation to co-create tailored business and governance models.


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