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Build scAled Modular Bamboo-inspired Offshore sOlar systems (BAMBOO)


BAMBOO tackles the barriers for the implementation of a sustainable, large-scale offshore Floating PhotoVoltaics (FPV) system of 1 km2/150 MW, that will act as a blueprint for rollout of offshore FPV projects in Europe, and that is to be implemented in conjunction with the offshore wind leading EU utility-partner.
Offshore FPV extends PV potential at enormous scales to make Europe meet its climate targets for 2030 and 2050. It makes use of space at sea, large-scale economies of scale, complementary energy yield with wind farms, and it isa solution with potentially low impact on aquatic eco-systems. However, developing offshore FPV systems is technically challenging due to the harsh conditions of waves &corrosive environments, and economically not feasible yet.
Project BAMBOO addresses these challenges through four breakthrough innovations, including:
1. Large floating surface understanding through world’s first basin scale tests and hydrodynamic modelling of 1 km2 blanket-type arrays,
2. A 5 MW demonstrator in the North Sea with hybrid design encompassing the benefits of larger array protection in floaters,
3. The offshore world’s first dynamic floating substation for offshore FPV, and
4. The development of 6 world’s first standard offshore testing methodologies for key FPV-components
Through assessments of energy yield, circularity of materials, environmental impact, LCA and end-of-life strategies, BAMBOO paves the way to scale offshore FPV systems to commercial and sustainable applications, significantly reducing emissions, while having a net-positive impact on the marine ecosystem.
The consortium covers what is necessary to make BAMBOO a success: companies including Oceans of Energy will provide the technologies, RTOs including MARIN and Fraunhofer the assessment of the system and its environmental impact, ABS expertise on certifications and the industry-leading utility the capacity to implement the large-scale integration of offshore wind with FPV farms.


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