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Transition to safe & sustainable food systems through new & innovative detection methods & digital solutions for plant-based products derived from new genomic techniques, under a co-creation approach


DARWIN aims to contribute to a fair, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly food system by co-developing an innovative detection strategy by integrating targeted analytical PCR-based methods, untargeted sequencing methods, and digital solutions. A new generation of innovative and reliable DNA-based analytical detection methods, ranging from enhanced PCR methods for NGT detection, identification and quantification in single and multi-target systems, to untargeted sequencing methods related to whole-genome sequencing, laser capture microdissection-based sequencing and high throughput metagenomics sequencing for NGT screening and characterization. DARWIN will bring a cutting-edge approach developing genetic fingerprints using artificial intelligence to overcome challenges related to event-specific targeted methods, unambiguously identifying specific NGT lines. DARWIN also brings innovation in the new application of digital solutions such as data spaces and documentation-based screening to increase the data evidence to NGTs; blockchains to enable transparent and traceable detection along the food chain; AI models; and a Decision Support System to improve accuracy and support the selection of the best fit for purpose detection methods. DARWIN will reach TRL4-5 though validation including in-house, transferability and full trials, and presenting 3 cases representative of real situations relevant for NGT products in the EU agri-food market. After methods validation and the definition of a clear oriented detection strategy, DARWIN will theoretically extrapolate its finding to more complex scenarios encountering the diversity of NGT lines and food products that might reach EU markets. All this, under an interdisciplinary co-creation ecosystem based on Responsible Research and innovation (RRI) principals, empowering a wide variety of stakeholders - including consumers - in Europe and internationally; and robustly contributing to the policy making.


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