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Empowering Widening universities in EUTOPIA_HEALTH consortium to foster academic excellence in Health

Project description

Bridging health expertise for innovation

Health challenges demand cohesive solutions, necessitating the integration of knowledge across diverse fields. Yet, traditional academic structures often silo expertise, hindering collaborative breakthroughs. In countries like Portugal, Romania, and Slovenia, disparities in funding and publication rates exacerbate this issue, impeding progress in critical health domains. In this context, the EU-funded EUTOPIA_HEALTH project aims to transform the academic landscape by fostering collaboration across health-related disciplines. Through capacity building, interdisciplinary training, and research support, EUTOPIA_HEALTH aims to empower institutions and researchers, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of health innovation. By embracing open and collaborative practices, the project aims to propel European research forward, enhancing visibility, funding absorption, and societal impact.


Challenges in Health require integration of knowledge and communication between specialists from different health-related fields to develop effective solutions. The EUTOPIA_HEALTH project, a EUTOPIA_HEALTH consortium initiative, aims to create a novel and innovative framework for the integrative academic management of health-related scientific areas, facilitating changes in the academic landscape within the European research area, through a comprehensive institutional transformation. The project targets three Widening countries (Romania, Slovenia, Portugal) of the consortium, that have traditionally lagged behind in health-related domains, striving to overcome funding and publication disparities, and spearheading academic excellence and innovation in these critical domains. Therefore, the project aims to empower institutional transformation by strengthening health-related R&I management capacity, upgrading and adapting R&I management strategies and policies within Widening HEIs of the project consortium in line with the principles of the European research assessment reform. A health-focused R&I network within EUTOPIA_HEALTH consortium will be established through Connected Health Research Communities, that will receive inter/transdisciplinary trainings, research mobilities for early-career researchers and seed-funding for research collaborations, all centered around health-related challenges. By employing integrative, transdisciplinary approaches and implementing flexible academic career pathways in Health, the project focuses on creating a Health innovation ecosystem bridging the Health research communities to society, business partners, and policymakers by mainstreaming Open/Citizen/Inclusive/Collaborative Science practices and translating research into tailored social innovation supported solutions. EUTOPIA_HEALTH project, through its comprehensive activities, will positively impact the R&I achievements, research excellence, international visibility, funding absorption rate of the Widening consortium HEIs and of entire EUTOPIA_HEALTH consortium.


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