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Clean Aviation Support for Impact Monitoring

Project description

Analysing aviation climate impact for zero-emission aircraft

The Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking is the EU’s top programme for researching and innovating sustainable aviation. The EU-funded CLAIM project aims to assess the programme’s objective of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by 30 %. This initiative will gather and analyse scientific data on aviation’s climate impact and greenhouse gas emissions, pinpointing knowledge gaps and research requirements to guide technology development towards the creation of future green and zero-emission aircraft. The project will categorise concepts for aerodynamics, structures, systems, and propulsion technologies that offer advantages at the aircraft level. By offering greater clarity, the outcomes of this project will support Clean Aviation, the European Commission, and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency in achieving their objectives.


The CLAIM proposal main high-level objectives are:
1. To obtain an answer on how to best translate the Clean Aviation Programme objective to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by -30% versus state of the art into tangible metrics in terms of measurable engine tailpipe emissions, by
a. Collecting, analysing and establishing the current level of scientific understanding within the worldwide community of climatology and atmospheric sciences, and of aviation climate impact and its greenhouse gas emissions contributions;
b. Identifying knowledge gaps, barriers, and needs for research in view of orienting more appropriately the technology research streams for future green and zero-emission aircraft.
2. To compile an inventory of relevant aeronautical advanced research activities and technology areas, not only from the aviation community but potentially also from other sectors if relevant by
a. Reviewing and analysing aeronautical literature on “disruptive aircraft concepts” or greener aircraft as well as on climate-neutral aviation in general, including their (preliminary) environmental performance/results;
b. Proposing a way forward and an approach that highlights the assumptions and metrics used to reconcile the numbers and the prospects of performance improvements for the main technologies;
c. Categorising these concepts in terms of aerodynamics, structural, systems and propulsion technologies and their associated benefits at aircraft level, as well as performing a technology mapping;
d. Performing a preliminary performance assessment using proposed assumptions and criteria for an SMR and an HER.
Consequently, through achieving its objectives, the CLAIM proposal assists Clean Aviation, EC and EASA by providing more clarity and contributing to all of the expected outcomes


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