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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-29

Clonal analysis of the progenitors for the mouse anteroposterior axis and adult muscle


Embryonic development occurs via successive lineage segregations leading to the progressive compartmentalisation of a pluripotent embryonic primordium into broad cellular domains and eventually into specific tissue types. Over the last decades, an abundance of information has been gained into the genetic and molecular regulation of theses processes, while little is still known concerning the cellular aspects of development. The purpose of the proposed work is to provide a better insight into cellular behaviour responsible for tissue diversification and patterning along the anteroposterior axis by addressing previously unresolved questions relating to the genealogical relationships of distinct cell populations, the unipotent or multi-potent nature of their pro genitors and the existence of clonal continuity between different axial domains.

It also aims to examine the relationship between these early patterning events and the development of adult muscle during secondary myogenesis. Information derived on these is sues will have significant implications for future healthcare strategies and the development of cell therapies in particular for muscle degenerative diseases. The project will take advantage of a recently developed approach for retrospective lineage analysis which is clonal, non-invasive, non-biased in respect to the cell initially labelled, and allows visualisation of a clone at any time after its initiation. Thus, this approach is the only suitable for providing a definitive answer to the genealogical relationships of cells and for describing cellular behaviour throughout development. Implementation of the project will complement the researcher's previous experience and thus contribute to her training towards professional independence. The mobility will be beneficial to the transfer of competencies between European countries and in particular to the development of research activity in Greece in the future.

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