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Improved Operator's Computer for Decentralized Robot Control


The application experiment will improve the software development process within Torsteknik AB. Objective of the application experiment is to:

- Introduce appropriate quality systems to support software production.

- Prepare for the certification under TicklT (ISO 9000).

- Evaluate tools for the development of software and introduce 'best practice' in the baseline development work.

- Implement guidelines and tools for the programmers for standardised, specified and clearer working conditions, including tools for project planning, documentation as well as measurement methods to give good feedback of results and improvements.

- Reduce development costs for a typical software project by at least 30%.

- Reduce the number of faults found in software during test procedures by at least 30%.

- Publish the results as a report (and in seminars) containing project description regarding 'before' and 'after' the ESSI project, and the improvements gained during the project.

The project can very well change the way of working in the entire life cycle, from customer (internal or external) to maintenance.

The guidelines can define each step of the software life cycle and a suitable working method for that step. It can also define the management of the overall quality system.

The tools are specified under the headline of 'purchase of software'.

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