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Sustainability Impact Assessment of Strategies Integrating Transport, Technology and Energy Scenarios


The future framework of the transport system is intimately linked with the energy supply. This is what happened in the past, when the relatively cheap availability of petroleum oil shaped the expansion of the transport system facilitating with high levels of mobility. These patterns have generated an unsustainable road traffic growth, which in turn imposes increasing concerns for its burden in terms of pollution, accidents, noise, etc. and for the future availability of the quantities of fuel required. Given that most of the dispersion trends will likely continue in the future, an assessment of potential trajectories for technologies changes in the transport and energy fields is of crucial importance to develop sustainable transport strategies.Thus transport and energy constitute two major supporting systems of human life such that strategies changing technologies in these fields will provide significant impacts on the economy and potentially also on the societal development. Therefore integrated assessment of transport technologies and transport energy supply together with economic, environmental and social impacts is required. For this purpose TRIAS suggests to use a set of established models covering these aspects and to apply them in an interlinked manner to analyse the full picture of impacts induced by strategies including technology, transport and energy scenarios. Investigated scenarios will either be developed in TRIAS and will be taken from external sources like other European projects, national or international studies. Such scenarios will be discussed in the course of ad-hoc forums involving all relevant stakeholders. The applied models will act at European scale (EU25) and will include: POLES for energy modelling, ASTRA for transport modelling and integrated sustainable assessment, VACLAV for detailed transport modelling and Regio-SUSTAIN for small scale analysis of environmental impacts.

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