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The dynamics of regulation and competition in the new economy

Final Activity Report Summary - DO-RACINE (The dynamics of regulation and competition in the new economy)

The main objective of the DO-RACINE series of conferences was to contribute to;
- an analytical understanding of the issues raised by the new economy and their impacts on the wealth of economies and peoples;
- a development of empirical protocols and tests for economic models;
- the exchange and dissemination of results from research;
- the refinement of competition and regulation policy.

The conferences were based on CEPR's on-going annual conferences on Applied Industrial Organisation, which have been particularly successful in terms of participation and scientific results.

The DO-RACINE project succeeded in organising 4 major research conferences and training schools in four different European countries. The first conference was organised in 2005 in Munich, Germany, followed by Funchal (Madeira), Portugal, Tarragona, Spain and finally Paris. The research agenda was particularly rich, policy makers on competition and regulation who participated in the conferences raised new questions and challenges for researchers, and the community of young European researchers in Applied Industrial Organisation was reinforced and enlarged.

We believe that DO-RACINE has achieved its main objective - to move forward the frontiers of this research domain by emphasising the importance of the dynamics of economic systems, which is crucial to developing a decision-making process adequate for permanently evolving economies. Through the conferences, the project sought to draw upon the consequences of the very dynamical nature of the economic decision process and, in addition, the analytical tools in need of improvement to account for this dynamical dimension.

The success of the DO-RACINE training schools has prompted CEPR to continue organising this event in future events, alongside the annual CEPR Applied Industrial Organisation conferences.