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New Micro-extrusion Advanced Technology for plant-based whole-cut meat substitutes


Due to the current overpopulation, climate change and aggressive animal farming problems, there is an urgent need for the next generation of alternative proteins meat. Based on tissue engineering, food science and 3D printing, NOVAMEAT has developed a micro-extrusion process that can bio-hack the native 3D network structure of molecules of plant origin creating the microstructure and anisotropic morphology like that of traditional animal meat in a cost-efficient and highly scalable manner. NOVAMEAT´s advanced and unique technology. The results are pieces of whole-cuts meat composed of a patent-pending formulation of a natural-origin wide range of different vegetable proteins, fibres, oils, and aromas that enable NewMEAT to achieve multiple varieties of nutritional, flavour and texturization profiles as animal whole-cut meats. NewMEAT does not contain soy but is composed of sustainable ingredients with much lower environmental impact, to support resilient agriculture and animal welfare.


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