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Accelerating Datacentre performance through Memory Chips to efficiently manage the Big Data Age


Datacentres have become a backbone of the modern economy, they currently consume 2% of worldwide electricity, rising to 10% by 2030. While compute accounts for 40% of this energy, 80% of this compute energy is related to moving data between the main memory chips and the processor (CPU), a structural bottleneck within server design that causes slowdown and low CPU usage. Development of ground-breaking Processing-In-Memory (PIM) technology by UPMEM prevents this data movement by performing calculations in the memory chips, where the data resides. By eliminating the need to move data off chips, PIM bypasses structural bottlenecks. The power of UPMEM’s technology comes from leveraging existing industry protocols, chip technology and programing languages, and designing PIM modules that fit into standard memory slots. When compared to those using conventional
memory, PIM equipped servers have proven to be up to 20x faster, 10x more efficient and cheaper for Big Data and AI applications.


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