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From Research Optoacoustic Novelty To Imaging Established in Routine diagnostics


Multispectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT) is an innovative biomedical imaging technology that allows for molecular imaging in deep tissue. This noninvasive technology enables assessment of the concentration and distribution of a variety of clinically important molecules in the body and uniquely delivers information of e.g. oxygenation, inflammation, and fibrotic changes. MSOT has already demonstrated significant scientific and clinical value across a range of diseases and applications, making it a promising tool to diagnose diseases and monitor treatment response. Despite these early successes, the technology is not yet commercially viable on the broad clinical market and currently remains effectively confined to a research environment. FRONTIER will provide iThera Medical the means to translate an optimized MSOT system (MSOT Frontier) from a research environment to application in routine clinical imaging, thereby providing clinicians worldwide a powerful new diagnostic tool.


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