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Sustainable Seafood Production


Bluegrove Welfare Shield tackles an unresolved major issue in aquaculture: fish welfare; by introducing the most advanced salmon welfare monitoring and prediction solution. The system monitors fish behaviour 24/7 gathering data, which are combined with environmental models (e.g. water temp., oxygen & current speed, sunlight effects, weather conditions) and farming data (e.g. fish size & count, feeding area) to detect significant patterns that correlate with welfare issues.
Obtained data is presented in a user-friendly dashboard (accessed both locally and remotely) providing live analysis of fish behaviour and appetite, fish welfare tracking, and alerts of potential conditions that could lead to welfare issues. Early detection of welfare issues enables farmers to take preventive actions to avoid an outbreak, and thus reducing mortality rates by 25% and improving fish growth up to 15%. It also provides advice on best practices, and benchmarking against the most productive fish cages.


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€ 2 497 240,59
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