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Researchers Night 2007 - Cracow and Gliwice together


What about the researchers hand in hand with the rest of the society, discussing about themselves, letting the public take part actively in their research and opening their labs even at night? Is this the truth or the fiction? To verify that, it is necessary to join the open Friday feast. Moreover the event takes place in the two cities famous for their multisecular tradition, qualified cadre of scientists, universities leading the rankings, rich student life and wonderful market squares of Old Towns and student towns, which would be the perfect places for face-to-face encounters with the researchers. Cracow and Gliwice will change almost into different planet, where the term “boredom’ would surely come from Mars! The Researchers’ Night, little by little, becomes a tradition in Gliwice. The society craving for such craze looks forward to it, and even suggests ideas for the next edition. In this year we would like to have it exceptionally ceremonial! The special moment and two wonderful anniversaries require that. These are the 50th anniversary of European Union and the 750th anniversary of wonderful Cracow beloved not only by the Polish people, but also by the foreigners! Slightly older Gliwice, together with its partner, will celebrate very intensively. We will surely surprise the public be the number of events going with a swing. There will be humoristic lectures, surprising experiments, interesting workshops, stimulation games, trips, competitions for everyone (from the age of 5 to 105). Together with the public we will look into professors’ wardrobes, read the cards, devour chocolate bars in time competition, learn how to dance. Moreover we will visit museums, mines, plants, watch and create exhibitions and at midnight we will evoke ghosts or observe stars. Each event will be held with the assistance and active cooperation of our wonderful researchers showing the human face of science. Everyone will believe that, even the biggest sceptic!

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