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Integrating civil, scientific and stakeholder knowledge towards African sustainable energy policy


Sustainable development is closely linked to the issues of Environment and Energy and their interdependencies. Sustainable economic growth and social development are only possible if secure, constant and equal access to energy sources is guaranteed. However, intensive energy use is likely to present serious implications for the environment and the climate. Especially in developing countries, promotion of sustainable energy options is necessary to tackle these challenges. In Africa, Civil Society Organisations (CSO) have been particularly active in addressing sustainable development and energy management within the last 15 years. While presenting important representatives for social needs and concerns, their effective impact on research policy agenda setting has however been considerably low yet. In line with the EU’s commitments to strengthening civil participation and to promoting a global approach to the issue of sustainable development, SustainergyNet aims at promoting the engagement of CSOs in Africa in the field of research policy agenda setting concerning sustainable and efficient energy management. In this perspective, the project will elaborate and suggest ways on how to encourage and facilitate the cooperation between CSOs and RTD performers. This will be based on the assessment of current settings and frameworks that already exist, the formulation of recommendations and best practices and the presentation of a specific facility (“CSO Involvement Net”) that shall support CSOs towards actively contributing to research and policy processes.

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